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Aether lightning Casting circle

The result of combining Aether and Lightning Magic, creating explosive, unstable electricity with a green hue. It has the same properties as normal Lightning Magic, such as conducting in water, except the Aether Magic imbued with makes it twice as explosive. This magic is exclusively used by vetexgames.

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Aether Lightning Meteor

The user sends an orb - possibly classified as a meteor from the name - of Aether Lightning forwards, which electrocutes people while it moves through the air. On impact, it creates a large explosion, dealing further damage to those nearby; similar to Lightning Annihilation. Q Unknown Unknown
Aether Lightning Meteor
Aether Lightning: Dragon Hammer The user charges a small sphere of condensed Aether Lightning on their fist, which is so unstable, that the energy leaks out around the user in the form of lightning bolts, damaging people nearby. The user then punches a single enemy with so much force, they are sent flying extremely far, while Aether Lightning bolts pulse throughout their body. This attack was named by a victim of it, claiming the force of the punch felt like a hammer, and that it was powerful enough to defeat a dragon. E Unknown Unknown
Aether Lightning's Wrath The user pours Aether Lightning energy into their fist for about a minute, creating a small ball of lightning in their fist and charging it. When fully charged, the user throws the orb, creating a massive explosion of Aether Lightning, and dealing heavy damage to those in range. R Unknown Unknown N/A
Aether Lightning's Vengeance The user creates an enormous magic circle overhead and raises up with Aether Lightning in both hands, which pours Aether Lightning bolts into the user's body. After enough energy has been transferred, a large explosion is created, and the user is left pulsing with raging Aether Lightning for two full minutes. The lightning within is ruthless and will strike anyone who attacks the user, no matter the distance. X Unknown Unknown


This magic was first created by Vetex in the year Y1832. Vetex had learned how to use Aether Magic too soon, and, eager to be more powerful, tried to fuse it with his Lightning Magic. He succeeded, and the resulting magic was extremely powerful. It's unknown how he did this, as monks train their entire lives trying to fuse two magics into one, yet they fail.


Today, Vetex still has Aether Lightning Magic, but he is beginning to discover a few devastating side effects of his unstable magic. Sometimes, the Aether Lightning Magic Circles don't go away, and he has to manually cast them out of existence. It has also cancelled out his magic-induced prolonged life, and he is aging faster than usual. It is estimated that he will die of natural causes in two years. It is unknown how or if he can prevent this.