Altavista is a port-like-town covered in fog with lots of ruined buildings which was once led by Mayor Oswald, until the Emerald Skull Pirates invaded and took over. The survivors of the invasion now live in Dawn's Refuge. Captain Sage has her ship 'The Emerald Queen' docked there, along with her crew.

This place is a great location for people around level 160-200 to level up, by farming of the pirates around the base. It is not advised to go to the centre unless you are level 200+.

Associated Quests

Avenge The Dawn

  • Quest Giver: Mayor Oswald
  • Objective: Defeat Captain Sage.
  • Rewards: 75,000 Lamina, 12,000 EXP


Altavista is located to the south-west of the Borealis Shipwreck, to the right of Oblitesco, or north-west of Judgement Isle.


  • The cabin of the Emerald Queen is littered with treasure chests; making it a great place for farming the latter.


  • The original name of the song played while on altavista is “You Better Run” by Audiomachine.