The Boxing fighting style is a fighting style that involves strong punches with boxing gloves. Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level.

Visually, the user raises their arms in front of their body as their idle stance, while wearing gloves on their hands that match the color of their First Mind magic when selected.

Obtaining Boxing requires the player to talk to Polemos, Boxing Legend, who resides on a stony island with 2 permanent whirlpools around it.




Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
Boxing Punch The user throws a quick jab that can be repeatedly thrown.

Punches alternate between the right and left arms.

[Left Click] None
Haymaker The user winds up to throw a punch with their right arm that is capable to flinging players/mobs.

The user can wind up 17 times (arm rotations) before automatically releasing the Haymaker.

[Q] Strength level 40


  • Boxing is the first fighting style to be added to Arcane Adventures.
  • The boxing gloves come in different colours depending on the user's First Mind magic.
  • Both Magic Fist and Cannon Fist also have different effects depending on the user's First Mind magic.
  • Boxing is one of two fighting styles that do not use a variation of the Combat icon. The other being Cannon Fist.
  • Boxing is one of two fighting styles that does not have "fist" in its name. The other being Combat.
  • Haymaker causes the enemy to be knocked off their feet for a short period of time, giving you time to attack them or run away.
  • Boxing is one of the only two fighting styles to have a click move, the other being Cannon Fist.