The Cannon Fist fighting style is a fighting style that involves throwing cannonballs with the user's bare hands. The cannonballs thrown have a larger area of effect that grows larger as bigger cannonballs are used. The damage of the cannonballs that are thrown deal a lot less damage than those shot from a cannon or mortar. Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level, excluding the Magic Cannonball, in which case it also factors in Magic Level and Magic Damage.

Visually, there is no different idle stance different than the default idle stance when selected.

Obtaining Cannon Fist requires the player to talk to Romulus, Vice Captain, who resides on the damaged Rumbling Caldera that is docked at Savaria.




Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
"Standard Cannonball Throw" The user throws the selected cannonball type toward the direction of the cursor. Tosses alternate between the right and left arms.

Damage varies depending on the type of cannonball thrown.

[Left Click] None


A display at the middle-bottom of the screen shows the selection and amount of cannonballs available to the player. The display is the same as the one seen when sitting on a boat or cannon/motor. N/A None


  • Cannon Fist is a potent weapon against any boss because of its damage, range, and accuracy. The downside to using Cannon Fist is that cannonballs are quite expensive to buy in large bulks.
  • If Magic Level and Magic Damage together is significantly higher than Strength Level, Magic Cannonballs deal the most damage.
  • If Strength Level is equal or higher than Magic Level and Magic Damage combined, Borealis 300lb. Cannonballs deal the most damage.


  • Cannon Fist is based off Monkey D. Garp from One Piece, where he also throws cannonballs with his bare hands as his method of attack.
  • Cannon Fist's Magic Cannonballs have different colours depending on the user's First Mind magic. The other fighting styles that have different effects depending on the user's First Mind is Magic Fist and Boxing.
  • Cannon Fist is one of two fighting styles that do not use a variation of the Combat icon, the other being Boxing.