Captain Ahab is a mob that can be found roaming around the First Sea, Second Sea , and the Third Sea on a sailboat. He is armed with a spear that deals around 550 damage.

The ship he sails on is named "Spear Of The Sea". It's a very fast sailboat , painted in the same way an A.G. sailboat would, except with a duller white and lighter blue.

Captain Ahab is also seen on the Most Wanted board in Outcast Tower and Freedom Lookout.



  • Out of all the sea bosses, Captain Ahab is the only mob that sails alone.
    Ahab's Spear-0

    Captain Ahab's throwable weapon.

  • His so called "spear" does not appear to be either a Spear or Magic Spear. It looks like a very pointy, large dagger.
  • Captain Ahab is a reference to another Captain Ahab, the captain of a whaling squad, serving as the main character of a the famously novel, "Moby Dick". His spear being another reference to his profession as a whaler. And his peg leg being a possible reference to when Moby Dick bit off Ahab's leg in the novel.
  • His bounty is 55,000,000 lamina but when you kill him you only get around 6000 lamina.
  • Captain Ahab's power level is 21,410.
  • Due to his only method of attack being his spears, the Spear of the Sea does not have cannons on it.