An extremely large blade used by the guards of Alalea. It's difficult to use without proper training.

Item Description

The Colossal Cutlass is a weapon dropped by the guards that attack in Alalea. Upon defeating a guard (not guard captains), players have a 1/100 chance of receiving a Colossal Cutlass. 

The Colossal Cutlass has one of the strongest and slowest swing attacks in the game within the Bladed Weapons section, though mainly obsolete in this factor because of the hybrid magic weapons (Magic Katana, Magic Spear, etc.), which output much higher damage and speed. The Colossal Flying Slash provides an attack that resembles the Flying Slash from the Deluxe Cutlass and similar to that of a jump ultimate: a large projectile that deals damage on collision and lingering damage over time, though without the jump. 


Both abilities have a chance to cause the Bleeding status.

[Left Click]: Slow 2-handed basic slash combo. Requires around 198 stamina per swing.

[Q] (Colossal Flying Slash): A variation of the Flying Slash from the Deluxe Cutlass that is much larger and has a much more taxing stamina drain of 600. After this attack, there is a 30 second cooldown to use it again. Requires 300 strength to use.


  • The [Q] provides a large amount of XP for Level and Strength Level.
  • It is really great for 1v1s because of the bleeding damage that is caused by the projectile that it throws or slashes out, also a great way to dismember a player's arm or leg.
  • Be careful when using Colossal Flying Slash because if you do so, you will be unable to use any moves for 2 seconds.


  • The Colossal Cutlass is the first weapon to be dropped by a mob.
  • When not selected in the hotbar, the Colossal Cutlass is strapped to the player's back.
  • Despite Reginald and Guards wielding Colossal Cutlasses, they cannot perform the Colossal Flying Slash.
  • A Colossal Cutlass adds 2,300 power level.