The Cyclops is one of the two ghost ships specific to the Second Sea. The shipwreck is a gold colored caravel with deep blue rims, covered in moss and broken up due to decay and attacks. The ghost ship appears as a transparent, neon gold colored caravel


Cyclops wreckage

This golden caravel can spawn anywhere around the Second Sea. Upon a player approaching it, the Cyclops will sail to where it sunk. The site can be found directly straight from the front of Captain Sage's ship at Altavista, between Theos' Arena and Oblitesco. On the wreckage, one will find abundant treasure chests, and sometimes, the Blue Zircon Amulet. However, to prevent players farming the chests/amulet, they only spawn if the ship is currently in the Second Sea.


The Blue Zircon Amulet can only be obtained from the shipwreck of this ghost ship. It cannot be found inside a chest and appears upside down near the decayed caravel, on the right side of the bow.
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