Dawn's Refuge is a capturable island that was added to Second Sea to replace Iridescent Lagoon, which was where the second mind was unlocked, for the following reason (provided by Vetex in the 1.6 update logs):

"Replace Iridescent Lagoon with a tall mountain island with a village and a capturable island flag at the top. Theos will be moved to the shore of Judgement Isle, and will also tell you about judgement isle's history.

(Iridescent Lagoon was meant to be replaced months ago - it's a huge eyesore and a large waste of space. Not to mention the fact that it depicts a place where non-canon characters - myself and tech - fought.)" -Vetex

It is also the spawn of level 180 - 250 players who cross through a barrier from the First or Third seas, or joins a player already in the Second Sea.

Near the top of the area to the opposite side of the spawn area of the island, there is a shipwreck hidden by a destroyable stone barrier that contains around 15 chests. The ship is speculated to be the residents' old ship, although there is no evidence in the game to support it.


Dawn's Refuge includes a mountain exterior with two ways in - either an entrance in the front which enters a small tunnel leading to the interior, where a series of ramps are placed circularly leading up to the flag at the top. You can also climb up the steep sides and use an ult that boosts you into the air to reach the top. 

The interior features the same huts and torches from Doom Island. The flag is also the largest flag seen in the game so far. Players can find a shipwright is outside the refuge, fixing a damaged Ketch so that they all can go back. Additionally, the fisherman here is the only place to buy the Magnet Rod.


According to Mayor Oswald, the residents at Dawn's Refuge once lived at Altavista until the Emerald Pirates invaded the island and took over. The remaining survivors of the attack fled to Dawn's Refuge, surviving on nothing but Norman's fishing skills (the magnet rod seller).

Associated Quests

Avenge The Dawn

  • Quest Giver: Mayor Oswald
  • Objective: Defeat Captain Sage of the Emerald Pirates at Altavista.
  • Rewards: 75,000 Lamina and 12,000 EXP


  • The rocky sides of the island do not touch the floor of the ocean, which makes it possible to swim (or hide) under them.
  • Surrounding the island are randomly spawning whirlpools, making it dangerous to leave your ship unattended.
  • The name of the music played here is called 'The Red Dawn' by Brunuhville.
  • Dawn's Refuge gives 10 Clan Infamy.

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