Doom Island is a First Sea spawn island for players levels 10-29 or after completing the quest: "The Test". It is a stormy, rocky island constantly having dark clouds looming over. Whirlpools and tornados are common.


Doom Island is the second island you will discover (if you are following the quests and storyline). It is named for and dedicated to the ROBLOX user Doomera, and is home to Marua, the first boss you fight in the game. You can also buy your first sets of Armor from here, namely the Leather Set and the Archer Set

This crescent-shaped island is surrounded by stormy seas, the occasional tornado, and steep, rocky pillars, making it almost unapproachable to pirates. A pirate ship once sunk trying to approach Doom Island, and its red crow's nest is still visible above the waves. A sea shard spawns at this ship. This island also possesses special variations of grapes and conches, known as Doom Grapes and Doom Conches. These variations are of a darker hue than their normal counterparts. The village on Doom Island is known as Darksong Village. You used to be able to find The Tix Bag in a house before Tix were removed.


Doom Island was one of the very first islands to be populated, founded by 2 wizards who fell deeply in love and spent their days on Doom Island, high above the waves and protected by the storms, together they created Doom Island's present-day residents.

Associated Quests

Conquer The Shadows

  • Quest Giver: Roran, the Village Protector
  • Objective: Defeat Marua.
  • Rewards: 1,000 Lamina, 300 EXP.
  • Upon completion, players will be able to spawn at Savaria.

Missing Necklace

  • Quest Giver: Victoria on Doom Island
  • Objective: Find a missing necklace. (It's found on Ice Crown Island.)
  • Rewards: 20,000 lamina, 3,000 EXP

Coconut Cravings

  • Quest Giver: David on Doom Island
  • Objective: Collect 5 coconuts.
  • Rewards: 500 lamina, 300 EXP

Collector's Favor

  • Quest Giver: Villager on Ice Crown Island
  • Objective: Find a Doom Conch
  • Rewards: 6,000 lamina, 300 EXP

Weapons and Armour

You can buy weapons specific to Doom Island from Thomas the Blacksmith. He is located near the entrance to the cave in which Marua resides.



  • The music played while on Doom Island is called "Faron Woods - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess".
  • There is a statue of a ROBLOX player with the screen name 'doomera'. There is an inscription on the shadow that reads: "This statue was built in dedication to the user doomera, a man that has faced many hardships in real life, and has even conquered death itself."