A customized version of the Pirate Emperor's Cloak.

Item Description

The legs of an extremely powerful pirate.

Item Description

The Emerald Captain's Cloak and Legs are boss drops from Captain Sage, Emerald Empress. The set has a third of the Defense compared to the Pirate Emperor's Cloak and Legs respectively, in return, the Emerald Captain Set has additional Magic Damage.

In appearance, the cloak and legs are have a green motif to it, referencing to the "emerald" part of its name.

The cloak features a golden belt with a skull in the centre. The white shoulder pads also feature this same skull.

The legs features one leg with a peg leg; same as any of the other Pirate Sets.


  • Before the v1.0 (Grand Reopening) update, the stats of the Emerald Captain Cloak and Legs were 600 Defense, 20 Magic Damage, and 300 Defense, 10 Magic Damage respectively.
    • These stats were the exact same as the Pirate Emperor's Cloak and Legs but with additional Magic Damage, making it strictly better variant of it.
  • The Emerald Captain's Cloak adds 2,500 power level and the Emerald Captain's Legs add 1,240 power level.