Experience points, the yellow status bar, are an essential part of Arcane Adventure as it is needed to level up, which as you level up you will gain benefits such as an increase in stats, learning your ultimate, unlocking your second magic and the ability to equip stronger equipment.

There are many different ways to gain experience points; some sources of experience are defeating NPCs, using attacks, finishing quests and the daily spinning wheel.

Although experience points are already easy to gain in this game, according to the creator (vetexgames), the tips below will help speed up the process.

However, any excess experience gained when getting a level will be lost regardless of the amount.



Alalea Guard Captains

  • The Alalea guard captains each wield different weapons, though most aren't usually fatal. Upon defeat, they give around 4,000 experience and 3,000 lamina.
  • When farming, stand in the middle of a fountain, where regular guards cannot reach. Start destroying buildings with attacks until guard captains spawn, distinguished by their Pirate Emperor Cloak. This method does not apply to Drake and Jace as they are ranged attackers.
  • Jace and Drake are easily defeated by using a melee weapon such as Dual Katanas or a Magic Dagger. When Jace casts Divine Shower, run in a straight path or use buildings/trees as cover until the attack ends.
  • Arsen is an Ash Curse user, and as such cannot be harmed by physical attacks. When Arsen announces "Ash...", try to avoid him as the following attack kills most players. When dashing away, jump over an NPC while he is targeting you to get him stuck on them.

Daily Spinning Wheel

  • Every 12 hours, the wheel can be spun to possibly land on the experience reward quadrant, giving you 1000 experience multiplied by the days played consecutively, 10000 experience can be rewarded at most, if spun 10 days in a row.