Iridescent Lagoon is a 'non-canon' island where Vetex and Tech fought. It was located near Judgement Isle and Miss Molly. Upon completing the Training Quest chain, Theos waited for you here to unlock your second mind. The location to unlock your second mind has changed to Judgement Isle.

The island consists of two islands separated by a small river. One side has a small village and large stone pillars that are covered in Inferno Fire, Tech's curse. While the other side has large electrified crystals from Vetex's Aether Lightning. Touching the fire or the crystals will cause the player to take damage.

As of v1.6, Iridescent Lagoon has been replaced with Dawn's Refuge.

  • Previously Theos can be found in the middle of Iridescent Lagoon.
  • Running across the blue fire will inflict 60 damage on the player as seen in this picture.
  • Touching the crystals will inflict 30 damage on the player as seen in this picture.


  • This island is similar to One Piece's Punk Hazard, in that the story behind both islands are that two powerful people (Tech and Vetex, Akainu and Akoiji from One Piece) had fought and the aftermath of their fight left the island in permanent disarray with half the island being filled with elements of their abilities of one person and another half of the island by the other person. (Punk Hazard - Snowy Tundra and Magma Wasteland, Iridescent Lagoon - Aether Lightning Spikes and Inferno Flames)