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The Magic Fist fighting style involves imbuing the user's fists with their First Mind Magic. Punch damage calculation factors in Magic Level, Strength Level, and Magic Damage. Kicks only factor in Strength Level.

Visually, the user's hands will emit their First Mind magic when selected and create explosions of their respective magics when punches hit an entity.

Obtaining Magic Fist requires the player to talk to Remus, The Lightning Fist, who resides on an unnamed wilderness island (commonly known as "Magic Fist Island" or "L Wilderness") near Newground Island.




Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
Magic Punch The user throws a punch that is imbued in magic. Fire, LightningWater, and Shadow will inflict their respective status effects, while Wind causes knockback. [Q] None

Standard Kick

The user swings a kick that does not use up Magic Energy. Instead, it relies solely on your Strength Level. Has a longer cool down than punches but has knock-back. [E] None


  • Magic Fist's two moves are identical in animation to Combat's first two moves, with the exception of Magic Fist having additional particles.
  • When selected, two magic circles of the user's First Mind Magic appear on the back of their hands.
  • When hitting an object with Magic Fist with their Second Mind opened, certain combinations of magics display both magics' elements. This is only visual.
  • Kicks with Magic Fist are purely physical, they do not inflict the magic's corresponding effects.
  • It is popularly used as a way of leveling up as it boosts EXP of all three trainable stats at once.
  • As of v4.0, Magic Fist now uses Magic Energy along with Stamina. Minor aesthetic changes have also been made, as magic circles are now present on your fists. In addition, it uses more Magic Power.
  • This Fighting Style is one of the two fighting styles banned from the Arcane Adventure PvP Championships, the other being Radius.      
  • Using Magic Fist with Wind Magic can be very troublesome for the knockback makes it difficult to land hits.
  • Magic Fist was made weaker in the Grand Reopening update.