Village chief of Doom Island, corrupted by a shadow scepter he had found by the shore. Located inside the underground stone tunnels of Doom Island, he can only be accessed through a large, opened trapdoor.

Marua is level 40 and uses Shadow Magic themed attacks granted by the Shadow Sceptre. Despite of his attacks and appearance, Marua is not a Shadow Magic user.

For information on Marua's item drops, go to Doom Chief Set.


Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional


Dark Bomb Marua readies the sceptre before the attack and is immobile during this stance. A cloud of smoke erupt from Marua with black and purple accent colours. 380-400 Slightly launch players

backwards that are hit.

Dark Eruption Marua readies the sceptre before the attack and is immobile during stance. Rapid black shockwaves radiate outward from Marua, choking players within radius. 20-24 (x2) Briefly lift player for each tick of damage.

Heals Marua equivalent to the amount of damage dealt.

Dark Pressure Lifts a single player in the air, choking and disabling their attacks. During this move, Marua cannot retaliate against other players. 6 (x10) Attacks are disabled during the attack.

Heals Marua equivalent to the amount of damage dealt.


Associated Quests

Conquer the Shadows

  • Quest Giver: Roran, Doom Island's village protector
  • Objective: Defeat Marua, The Shadow.
  • Reward: 2,000 Lamina, 300 EXP.


  • Since his attacks are quite short-ranged, attacking with ranged weaponry is recommended.
  • If another player is willing, they could act as bait for Marua to use Dark Pressure on, allowing other players to attack Marua freely.
  • It is possible to bypass the attack disabling by tapping shift to charge.
  • Another method to defeat Marua is to attack with a Magic Dagger or any other weapon that can be swung. The idea is to deal constant damage and stun-locking Marua as his attack startups are somewhat sluggish.
    • Those who obtain Magic Fist can use it to kill Marua quite easily, much before you start spawning at Savaria. It should take him out before he can use Dark Bomb.
  • If the head of his staff begins glowing, retreat immediately. This either means that he is using Dark Eruption or Dark Bomb, both of which can easily be lethal.


  • Marua's Shadow Sceptre uses the same mesh as the Scepter of Divine Indignation, a gear from the ROBLOX Catagory.
    • A possible reference to the original gear, the Shadow Sceptre allows Marua to perform 3 different attacks, while the Scepter of Divine Indignation has the ability to switch into 3 different modes.
  • Marua's power level is 5,835.