NPC's are commonly stationary people scattered throughout Arcane Adventures. Players are able to talk to certain NPC's by pressing B. Upon interaction the player will be protected with a forcefield for a specific amount of time. To prevent abuse of this feature, players must have at least 90% of their health regained. If the player moves too far from the NPC they are interacting with, then the dialog window will close immediately and the forcefield will disappear.

While some NPC's are normal people such as villagers, there are important NPC's that issue important quests, and there are NPC's that serve as enemies and bosses.

Fighting Style Instructors
Polemos, Boxing Legend
Remus, The Lightning Fist
Romulus, Rumbling Caldera's Vice Captain
Freedrock, Wise Warrior
Cortes, The Swaying Man
Vasco, The Emperor Punch
Marua, the Shadow
Ramses II, the Fallen King
Verdies, Angry Pirate Captain
Theos, the War Phoenix
Captain Sage, the Emerald Empress
Sea Bosses
Kraken, Ravager of Seas
Trigno, The Volcano
Captain Ahab
Mini Bosses
Fire Wizard
Reginald, Guard Captain
Drake, Guard Captain
Jace, Guard Captain
Arsen, Guard Captain
Harrison, Cerulean Wizard
Graves, The Merciless
Unseen Characters
Durza, The Dark Wizard
Arthur Cursebeard, Leader of the One-Shot Pirates
Captain Rupin, the Rage of the Sea
Captain Holden