Newground Island is the First Sea spawn island for players levels 1 - 9, a mix of beaches and cliffs with trees growing everywhere.


Newground Island is the first island the player is introduced to and spawns at when the player starts Arcane Adventures. The player will start out by giving a tutorial about movements and controls, which can be skipped if the forcefield prevents you from completing it. This is the first place where the player meets the legendary Theos, The War Phoenix. Players are also able to level up quickly here as a preparation to go to Doom island.

According to the lore, the Crazy Wizards came into existence when the Dark Wizard corrupted young wizards' minds. After this, Theos' ship crashed here because of a massive tornado (caused by A.G. Admiral Argestes). Upon meeting Theos, he sees your potential and will convince you to help battle the Dark Wizard.


The island is a mix of beaches and cliffs. Coconut trees scatter the beach, where as normal trees create forests on the cliffs. A smaller cliff connects the two larger ones using bridges. On one of the cliffs, players can find Theos in the forest, standing in front of a campfire. In the other cliff, there is a small hole that leads to an underground hall, leading to a chest spawn. Seven Crazy Wizards, showcasing the seven source magics, populate the island.

Collectable backpack items include coconuts, apples, and seashells. Some chests are scattered on the island as well.

To travel from this spawn point, this map can be used

Associated Quests

The Journey Begins

  • Quest Giver: N/A; quest given upon starting a new game.
  • Objective: Talk to Theos
  • Rewards: 50 Lamina, 10 Experience Points

The Test

  • Quest Giver: Theos
  • Objective: Kill 5 Crazy Wizards.
  • Rewards: 0 Lamina, 50 EXP; Magic Dagger and a Rowboat.

Upon completion players will be able to spawn on Doom Island.