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Poseidon Magic is a magic which is typically used by Nova Admins mainly for transportation. It is an un-obtainable magic and is given to selected people by Vetexgames.


Not much is known about the history of Poseidon Magic, the manner or circumstance in which it was formed, or even where it was made. The only known information is that it was created around 300 years ago by Poseidon, who is the Commander of Division 2 in Arthur the Cursebeard's pirate crew.


It's guessed that Poseidon is still creating abilities for his magic to this day, but he rarely uses it, except for when at war.


Poseidon Casting circle

This magic does not offer any offensive moves but allows the user to perform moves that are usually improvements on various actions already available to non-Poseidon Magic users. This is currently only used by Nova Members

Attack Names Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement Energy Usage GIF
Aegis Allows the user summon an unbreakable shield made from raw magic energy. [Q] N/A 1 Magic Energy Per Second
Empyrean Allows the user to walk or run on air with shockwaves to indicate its activation. [E] N/A 1 Magic Energy Every 10 Seconds
Jupiter Allows the user perform a jump enhanced by Poseidon magic, allowing the user to reach heights higher than the [T] jump. [R] N/A 500 Magic Energy Per Jump


  • The creator of Poseidon magic, Poseidon, is a Stormcloud Curse user and the One Shot Pirates' Commander of Division 2.
  • Only Nova admins are given this magic, and thus this magic is exclusive to them and naturally unobtainable.
  • Despite having a magic circle in Vetex's inventory, Poseidon magic does not use it as it channels raw magic energy.
  • The moves Aegis and Empyrean mean shield and sky respectively, in reference to the functions of each move. 
  • The color of the shockwave for all 3 moves are the same as the user's first magic, or Sea Curse if they have any.