Trading is an essential feature in Arcane Adventures, allowing fellow players to exchange weapons, gear, and lamina between one another.

How good a trade is depends on the worth of the items being traded in lamina. If what you're giving to someone is similar in worth to what you want to be given, then the trade is considered decent. Depending on the worth of each side of the trade, the trade quality can go from "Insanely Good" to "Insanely Bad." Trade quality is always shown on the receiver's side, so if you're planning to trade, the trade quality you see will be what the receiver will find.


To prevent abuse of trade, rules of trading have been established.

  • Each side of the trade must provide at least one item. Lamina by itself cannot be traded.
  • Legendary, Exotic, or Boss drops can only be traded with a trade quality of good or higher. 
  • Items above one's level cannot be requested, but one is able to trade away items above his or her level.
    • Ex. A level 100 cannot ask for a level 200 armor, but can give away a level 200 armor.
  • After sending a trade, the sender cannot open his or her inventory until a decision has been reached, or the trade expires. 

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