This ring-shaped cloud arena is not very far from Cumulus Island, and a quick trip using the Sky Skates.

As the name implies, this sky island is where players are able to battle Verdies. It is a doughnut-shaped island, with sky shore and clouds like any other sky island. Verdies can be found elevated in the middle of the island on what appears to be Sky Skates and will attack you upon entering the island. Players can use the raised grass blocks as a shield while recharging their skate's energy or simply as a shield from Verdies' attacks.

Associated Quests

The Raging Captain

  • Quest Giver: A Plasma Pirate whose right arm was engulfed by lava.
  • Objective: Defeat Verdies on the ring-shaped island in the sky. 
  • Rewards: 40,000 Lamina, 1,500 EXP